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Script My Life: Mulan

Never despise a chicken on top of rooftops!
Oh my, I felt like a fortune cookie right there. I'm never the one to jump onto trends. I proudly stand as the few who aren't phased by FOMO. However for the 2020 adaptation of Mulan, I had to be on point with my movie watching.Between watching the trailer and a few expectations, I wasn't sure about my reaction. I'm a staunch Disney classics fan. I am one of those ladies who grew up on the Disney princess trope. I love Belle, Jasmine and Tiana, although Tiana was a frog ¾ of the film. The strong willed female with a free spirit is my spirit animal. Belle read books, Jasmine wanted to see the world and Tiana was a businesswoman. Hmm, sounds like someone we know. Wink!Disney decided to offer CGI, live action versions of all the animations that most of us millennials grew up on. To be honest, I hate most their reimagined versions especially 'The Lion King'. It was so bad, I didn't watch it twice. I really do hate the …
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I Was the Side Chick

I want to make my own 'poor choices' in my lifetime...

.... at my own hands and of my own free will! Ever since I was a child, I despised being told what to do. I'm the rebellious type in a passive-aggressive manner. It makes sense why I look up to, or stan for rebels. Prince and Freddie Mercury are good examples. I'm also not into mob psychology hence why I'm a loner. History makers always stand out from the crowd. I don't mind guidance in spaces or tasks that I'm not well vested in. I ain't too proud to learn. But for what I know, I am capable of, and the narrative that I want to write, I want to do things on my terms.
Hello single ladies, comment ca va mes amies? Grab a seat, and we will need vodka and ice cream. I woke up mad as hell. I had a nightmare that brought me to this place of revealing an embarrassing experience. I didn't realize that I had so much pent up rage for being humiliated. My weakness is I don't voice out my true emotions an…

Loyal But Not Dumb

The journey of a healthy, secure human being entails peace and maturity!

Many perceive the state as complacent and dumb! Don't get it twisted, this sanity will keep many alive. I have been experiencing anxiety attacks despite recently stepping out of my comfort zone. As a fearful-avoidant attachment type, I guard my personal space like a trained pit bull. I am detached from the world especially those in my inner circle. I haven't spoken to a lot of my close friends, and relatives in a long time. The nonchalance in my demeanor worries me a bit specifically that they don't check up on me either. Yes, we are going through a pandemic and uprisings amongst personal struggles. It's barely the time to have high expectations of human relationships. Still, aware of my dispositions I take into account that I need help.I had quite an unexpected weekend of adventure with my sister and neighbors. I took my advice and put myself out there, mask and all. I tried to get out of my head …

Script My Life: I Feel Pretty

Confidence is the key to success in everything!

So stop stressing about your flaws! I don't remember when I last enjoyed a chick flick. I mean the ones whose story line aren't about people of colour. I must say that the 2018 Netflix romantic comedy, 'I Feel Pretty' was a must watch.The film stars Amy Schumer, Michelle Williams, Emily Ratajkowski, Rory Scovel, Aidy Bryant, Busy Philipps, Tom Hopper, Naomi Campbell, and Lauren Hutton. The storyline is about an insecure woman who obsesses over her appearance. Her biggest wish is to be very pretty and slim. She joins a spin class where she experiences several mishaps. After suffering a head injury, she gains extreme self-confidence in her appearance.Amy Schumer takes on the role Renee Bennett, the insecure woman. At the opening of the film, Renee experiences an injury around her Lady area at spin class. She manages the website for cosmetics firm Lily LeClaire. There's a job opening for a receptionist at the company'…

Switch It Off

The best plug is when you are switched off!

Oh my, how refreshed I feel. I really needed a detox. When you go through an emotionally taxing period, you just need to take a break from it all. A vacation would be ideal but most of the world is still closed, plus finances are kind of tight. I will again give a salute to all social media managers. The word 'hero' is an understatement. That job wears every part of you down.So imagine being part of the above occupation whilst multitasking other hustles? Well, I switched off my data, only posted about Bohemian Rhapsody on my IG story and steered clear of alcohol. I ensured that I had sleep including naps. Watched little TV and read a book. A physical book. Imagine what staying away from your phone, the internet and any electronic distraction can do?
With the course of the pandemic, we are more codependent on technology. The stay safe, stay at home slogan has many of us glued to our mobile and computer screens. We are online for school,…

Sing My Life: Birthday By Disclosure, Kehlani, Syd

"Can I call you on your birthday? Just to make sure that you're okay"
Birthdays can bring out the real in all of us. Happy Friday and it happens to be the Queen’s Birthday. Yes BeyoncĂ©! Yeah,yeah, everybody loves BeyoncĂ©. Shout out to all the Virgos! I'm so loving the Disclosure video for 'Birthday' featuring Kehlani and Syd. The visuals take on the 'Alice in Wonderland' aspect where Syd and Kehlani are stuck in a shrunken room. The giant versions of Syd and Kehlani wrestle with thoughts of reaching out to each other. The visual ends with claymation version of Syd and Kehlani, who who are shown in a candy land. They talk to each other while experiencing adventures including flying on the top of a single engine plane. And then they both get burnt. The closing of the video has voices singing 'Happy birthday'. Then a heart shaped box with Syd and Kehlani's names, and a cake with Disclosure's faces appear on the screen.
Most of the world&…

Deliver Us from Eva

The difference between a basic female and a high value woman is her conversation.

And anybody who knows me is cognizant of the fact that I can't stand basic broads. Forgive my French! Hello single ladies! Heart check, how are we doing this week? I'm trying to stay positive. So gather around with your wine glasses parce que, we are hatin'...sic!
What do I consider 'basic'? The urban dictionary defines basic as someone who is unflinchingly upholding of the status quo and stereotypes of their gender without even realizing it. She engages in typical, unoriginal behaviors, modes of dress, speech, and likes.¹ Through my journey of femininity, I believe that the above definition is to an extent sexist. Females should doll up and look pretty like flowers. That's the allure of being a woman. What I call 'basic' is the actual lack of personality, and/or emotional intelligence. Simply put, just 'beige'! Now we are aiming to be high value women, not just for t…